Her cries for help went unheeded as six animals including a juvenile took turns to play demonically with her body… biting her, raping her, hitting her with an iron rod, shoving it inside her and even using hands to tear her inner organs out.

The heinous crime that took place on 16 December 2012 left people all around the world numb and startled as to the cold an demonic act and the pervert mentality of the inflictors. It played a key role in awakening the people against a crime that mostly went unheard and ignored in the male dominated Indian society.

Was she out too late? Was she dressed provocatively? Was she drinking? Did she consider herself as free as a boy? 

If a girl is not fully covered from head to toe, she is inviting men to do something to her; if a woman is in a sexual relationship with a boy, she belongs to all of his friends too; when a man drinks he turns into an untamed animal, and when a woman does the same she is looking forward to be raped; a girl deserves to be raped because her mother doesn’t have respectable character….!!!
When nothing justifies, blame the mother… 

That’s the patriarchal Indian society. Instead of saying “Don’t rape“, they choose to say “Don’t get raped“.

The horrific gang-rape and fiendish murder outraged the country. The fury of the youth could be seen on the streets not only in the nation, but worldwide. Yet there were some shameless law keepers of the country who reflected the patriarchal society and blamed the victim of the rape instead of those accused.   
Human lust took its devilish form and raped humanity.
The law keepers delayed justice and disgraced humanity.

The gruesome crime shocked the collective conscience of the society. And the fact that it took the law keepers of the country 4 years and 5 months to punish the rapists of humanity is utterly shameful.
 The Supreme Court confirmed the death sentence awarded to the four convicts in the diabolic Nirbhaya gang rape case of 2012, the crime that sparked nationwide outrage over gender-based violence against women in the country. However, there was one more convict involved in the inhuman crime, a juvenile, portrayed as the “most brutal “face of the fateful night’s violence, accused of ripping apart the woman’s intestines, has been released after serving his probation period, and is said to be oblivious of the latest developments of the case, one which numbed the entire nation and brought the youth to the streets. 

The century that we live in promises gender equality, flaunts feminism, boasts women empowerment, all of this and more. What we forget to understand is that only enforcing laws to implement women empowerment is not enough. What is more important is modifying the pervert mentality of the men and chiselling this fact into their heads that women are not born to satisfy their sexual appetite and quench their desires.

The question that still hovers is
 “If not now, when?”, “If not us, who?”
Rape cases in India is still a burning issue.

 Let us start with NOW, let us start with US. Now is the time to act. Let us make ourselves the pioneer of feminism and be the voice the world admires, build a character the world idolises. Because only WE can help make the world a better place for US, for all our mothers, sisters and friends and daughters out there fearing a life that they dream to live because of the pervert mentality of the society.
Write-up credit:- Sukriti Das 


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